Kristina Comer is a Registered Dietitian currently working at University of Colorado Hospital as a Clinical Dietitian. With 3 years of experience counseling patients to improve their nutrition, her passion is improving lives through food as medicine. 

Food Prescribed is an outlet to provide evidence-based information on the often-times confusing world of nutrition. With obesity and chronic disease on the rise, the best medicine truly is food, prescribed. Each individual is unique, and tailored nutrition counseling is offered to best fit your needs. Additionally, it is challenging to discuss food without also involving sustainability. Kristina's approach is treating human health and the health of the planet simultaneously. 


Additional Work & Affiliations:

  • Denver Dietetic Association | President 
  • Slow Food Denver | Member & Volunteer
  • Denver Food Rescue | Volunteer 
  • Barre Instructor | Pura Vida Fitness

Education & Background:

  • B.S. Dietetic, University of Georgia | 2012
  • M.Sc. Sports Nutrition, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs | 2015
  • Children's Hospital Colorado Dietetic Internship | 2015
  • Registered Dietitian | 2015
  • Culinary Arts, Johnson & Wales | in progress